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Xrumer 5.0 - Stewed Letitbit, Deposit-fri and the Russian cabbage soup of Rapidshare:) 

The recipe of preparation of a meal:)

So, with Xrumer we already have properly familiarised in the previous article and have understood, that this soft that is valid is able much and perfectly carries out tasks in view. Now it is necessary to start particularly for work. Very many people knows, that there is enough considerable quantity various free filehostings. Means, you load any interesting file (there can be a film, music, a software for example) on the server chosen by you, receive references on downloading and posting this references at various forums, portals, throw in boards of announcements, etc. For what all this??? And for this purpose, that for download your files under the reference from an exchanger you receive money. It is possible to earn not bad. The earnings theme on them is enough actual. Popular free filehostings in a network it is considered "the sacred three" Depositfiles, Letitbit and Rapidshare usually.

the popular free filehostings

For 1000 downloads to you will pay from 5 to 15$.Approximately 5$ to you pay for downloads of "native" users (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.) 15$ to you will pay for "unics" from foreign countries, such as the USA, Canada, the Great Britain, Germany and so forth it is natural, as it is visible it will be final posting the references to foreign sites more favourably, BUT this the labour-consuming work is enough, demanding I will appease time, employment and naturally, roughly speaking to brains. But we have other very simple and reliable exit: Xrumer 5.0
So, we take Xrumer 5.0, the hands, a cup of favourite coffee and there is some imagination...

interface Xrumer 5.0

We create the new project. The Project-this is first of all a highlight!It is necessary to concern with gravity and cunning.

we create the project

We will try to make idea in English and we will try postings on foreign sites as downloading from them will give more than profit
For example, in "theme" we write "Look at this. Its Shock-porn!!! Free".What you think about this - what those Americans most of all swing? Or Germans? Correctly - this is a confidential files with code name ХХХ smile (on the statistican this is so) should be registered the Text original, Attention; Warning; Its free!..... (You have understood about what)
So,a simple example:
Forgive but this costs your attention!!! Its Free all
Look at this http://letitbit.net/download/168cbe828594/fuck-Hack.rar.html
You like THIS!!! This is COOL!!!

... Well also is is final unforgettable to place the references)

a simple example

Examples it is possible to result much. It's depends on your imagination. The Main thing-not create "boring" and "grey" projects as they for certain will not be using demand.
So, we keep the project, we load the HUGEST reference base Xrumer on foreign sites, we adjust Xrumer (well it's already as to whom at will, I personally expose only "on more" more the best posting from soft)

we expose more the best posting

After carrying out of the necessary options "IS started" and...... we go to bed, we will go to smoke, attempt, watch TV or we will sit "is stuck" on
quickly to increase reports of successful posting of the project our favourite Xrumer

i like this button:)

There passes certain quantity of time and all. We wait for flow of downloads which will bring to you money. And them will be believe much.

Here actually and one of the most simple but very much modes of work with Xrumer 5.0

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